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Today’s workforce hungers for creative problem solvers—people who can catapult fresh ideas ahead of the competition.

Whether your goal is to be a visual artist, become a museum curator, or pursue a broad-based education that will prepare you for a wide range of careers, the Hartford Art School will cultivate your creativity.

The Hartford Art School provides the foundation for you to succeed no matter where your passion leads.

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From ceramics to sculpture, from photography to painting, our studio-based instruction provides HAS students the opportunity to display their work and build their portfolios.

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Creatively Career Ready

The ability to think creatively, see things differently, and develop innovative solutions are workplace skills that are in  high demand, regardless of industry or discipline.

See how HAS creates career-ready graduates with programs such as the Professional Practices course.

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Bonnie Branson '16


Bonnie Branson earned her MFA (Illustration) and recently found a home at Nickelodeon’s brand new preschool series, “Santiago Of The Seas.”

She says, "The MFA program at Hartford Art School has made a remarkable impact in my life and career. The program’s unique structure fosters an environment of growth and exploration through a schedule of travel lectures and artistic practice. After visiting each city and interacting with a diverse array of artists, listening to their stories, and seeing their process, I became more open to envision a new direction for my work. Moving through the program with a small group of faculty and fellow students, many of whom I am still close with today, I had a strong support system and felt encouraged to explore, experiment, and dream.

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Meet Our People

Jessie Sattler '13


As a digital product designer with Big Human in NYC, Jessie works on a lot of different projects each day. Whether it's helping a startup produce a unique brand identity, or creating a design system for a large financial company, Jesse loves the variety of different skill sets that she gets to explore in her position.

"The visual communication design program at HAS prepares you for a creative career in every aspect. From the first assignment you receive, you’re expected to maintain certain levels of originality, artistry and craft. The standard to which we are held in the department is what ensures we will be successful after school."


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Kristen Ortega ’20


"Because of UHart, I’ve grown as an artist, become active in social causes, and learned to be a leader. Those things—and this place—have shaped who I am."


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Meet Our People

John Reuter


Adjunct professor of photography John Reuter showed his work at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. His pieces have been described as “surrealistic paintings” that challenge conventional notions of photography.


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Amanda Carlson


Art historian Amanda Carlson teaches art history from a global perspective, with a focus on the art of Africa. She has taken students to Nigeria and Ghana, and has published extensively on contemporary art, photography, indigenous writing systems, masquerades, and women’s ritual performances.

Research Interests: Interests: Art History, African Art, Photography


Discover the possibilities awaiting you at Hartford Art School.