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BA in International Studies

At UHart, the world can be your classroom! Seventy-five percent of our international studies student study abroad for a semester, a year, or during our Winterterm or Summerterm.

You can concentrate in either global security or global development, and consider a double major in politics and government, economics, or modern languages and cultures.

About the Major


If you are interested in a careers in government, business, education, the nonprofit sector, or certain areas of law, the international studies program gives you a solid foundation. It also is appropriate to prepare for graduate studies in a variety of fields.

Degree Requirements

The program requires 15-32 credits, including core courses and electives in the Global Security or Global Development track. Your faculty advisor works closely with you to tailor the program to your learning objectives and career plans.

Required Courses

Examples of core courses include:

  • Introduction to International Studies  
  • Comparative Politics  
  • International Relations   
  • Principles of Macroeconomics  

For more information, and to see a complete list of degree requirements, visit the Course Catalog.

Additional Requirements

You select 15 additional credits in one of two tracks, Global Security or Global Development, such as:

Global Security Track:

  • American Foreign Policy  
  • The Experience of World War  
  • Genocide in the Modern World  
  • International Organizations and Law  
  • Politics of War  

Global Development Track:

  • Hunger: Problems of Scarcity and Choice  
  • Challenges of Globalization  
  • History of Economic Thought  
  • Economic Growth and Development

For more information, and to see a complete list of elective courses for each track, visit the Course Catalog.

Minor Requirements

The minor in international studies is also composed of a core and electives totaling 18 credits:

Core requirement:

  • Introduction to International Studies  
  • You also complete any one of the following courses, and an additional 12 credits of electives.
  • HIS 100 - Civilization since 1500: Making the World Modern  
  • Comparative Politics  
  • International Relations  
  • Principles of Macroeconomics

For more information, and to see a complete list of minor requirements, visit the Course Catalog.

Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies students will:

  • Gain an understanding of global issues through an interdisciplinary perspective which includes language, culture, history, economics and politics.
  • Understand and appreciate diverse perspectives, and utilize a variety of methods with critical reflection.
  • Develop a cultural, economic, historical and political awareness of the role the United States plays in the world.
  • Gain expertise in a particular thematic focus within the field of international studies.
  • Demonstrate second-year proficiency in a language other than English.
  • Develop research competence in the field of international studies.
  • Develop strong analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Gabriella Silva

Economics, International Studies , '20

Gabriella Silva is attending Fordham University School of Law focusing on public interest law. She says her UHart professors have contributed enormously to her academic growth and ultimately helped her in deciding to attend law school at Fordham.When looking back on her faculty mentors, Silva points to Associate Professor of Economics Jane Horvath, who oversees UHart’s pre-law advising program, as being instrumental in helping her attend law school.

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From day one, she made sure that I took courses that would help me with the LSAT and helped me maintain the proper timeline to be in law school immediately after graduation.

The world needs us right now. Through my complementary work in politics and international studies, I realize that I possess the ability and the characteristics to make change both nationally and worldwide.

Destiny Kirk ‘19, Politics and Government, International Studies

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