The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) is rooted in project-based learning. Our undergraduate programs offer cross-disciplinary education to help develop well-rounded working professionals skilled in a range of areas within the engineering and architectural fields. With a career-ready focus, you will have many opportunities to network with industry leaders, participate in internships, and prepare for employment or graduate school.

Degree Programs

Aerospace Engineering

The only program of its kind in Connecticut, learn essential skills for creating, developing, and improving aircraft and spacecraft.

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Acoustical Engineering + Music

A blend of mechanical engineering and musical courses from The Hartt School.

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Architectural Design + Technology

Develop skills necessary for entry into architecture firms or the building industries.

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Audio Engineering Technology

A combination of a recording studio and live sound environments mixed with in-demand electronics.

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Biomedical Engineering

Learn to create and maintain important healthcare tools and resources.

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Civil Engineering

Obtain hands-on experience related to water resources, construction, design, and more.

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Computer Engineering

Discover how to mix hardware and software skills to solve real-world computer system problems.

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Computer and Electronic Engineering Technology

Explore analog and digital circuits, electronics, microprocessors, fundamental computer systems, and network systems.

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Construction Management + Technology

Solve broadly-defined engineering problems appropriate to the construction industry.

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Electrical Engineering

Explore various branches of engineering concerned with electrical and electromagnetic signals.

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Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Prepare for a career in fields such as control systems, automation, manufacturing, and Industry 4.0.

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Engineering Technology (Contract Major)

A program for students with education and/or career goals and objectives that are not met specifically by one of the school’s traditional majors.

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Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

Develop your own education plan involving multiple academic experiences.

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Mechanical Engineering

Discover key aspects of engineering that deal with the application of mechanics to the design of machines.

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Robotics Engineering

Immersive programming that will help you learn key aspects of robotics principles, designs, and operations.

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Dual Degree

Architectural Design + Technology & Civil Engineering

A five-year program with an interdisciplinary curriculum. For more information, contact a department chair or faculty advisor.

Electrical Engineering & Audio Engineering Technology

A five-year program with an interdisciplinary curriculum. For more information, contact a department chair or faculty advisor.

Accredited Programs

Accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards of the profession for which that program prepares graduates. Visit the Accreditation page for a list of our Accredited programs and enrollment and graduation Statistics.

Admission to CETA

The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) prepares you to solve problems, meet design challenges, and create the future. Take the first step toward becoming a Key Innovator of tomorrow.

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