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Music (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a music major is a rigorous academic program that combines the breadth of a liberal education with in-depth study in music.

About the Major

A diverse range of courses in the humanities and sciences are geared toward developing the student's intellectual skills by emphasizing written communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and the importance of being an informed, socially responsible citizen of the world.

Degree Requirements

Courses in music complement the student's intellectual growth by concentrating on the development of artistic and creative abilities.

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This combination of liberal arts and sciences with intensive music study at one of the nation's leading performing arts conservatories prepares graduates of the program to successfully participate in an ever complex, diverse and changing world.  Graduates of the Hartt B.A. Music program are prepared to either enter the work force in any number of fields, or continue on to graduate study in a variety of disciplines, including music.

Admission and Audition Requirements

Applicants will interview with the BA faculty advisor to discuss the program and the student's interest in pursuing a liberal arts degree. If the student wishes to receive lessons while at the university, an audition on a classical or jazz instrument or voice is also required.

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